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Birth Services

Licensed Homebirth Midwife serving Lane County. Offering waterbirth, VBAC and natural childbirth, all in the comfort of your own home.



Lydia Douglas (Martinez) is a dedicated Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and Licensed Direct Entry Midwife (LDM) based in Eugene, Oregon. With several years of experience as a licensed midwife, I am committed to providing inclusive prenatal and midwifery care to individuals from all walks of life. 

At the core of my philosophy is the belief that every pregnant mother and pregnant person possesses an innate ability to care for their baby. I strongly advocate for shared decision-making, empowering parents with informed consent throughout their journey.

My expertise lies in supporting low-risk, healthy pregnant people who desire the intimate and nurturing environment of a home birth. With a passion for creating a safe and personalized birthing experience, I strive to ensure the well-being of both parent and baby by staying up to date on the most current evidence based practices, paired with a holistic approach and preventitive care.

Selah Midwifery LLC

Homebirth Midwife serving Eugene, Oregon and surrounding areas.

Prenatal Care

Midwifery-led care operates on a schedule that mirrors that of an OB's office, ensuring you receive the best care. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:

We'll start off with an initial appointment.  The first appointment is usually about 2 hours, giving you all the time you need to ask questions and to review your health history and needs/wants for this pregnancy and birth. Following that, we'll meet every 4 weeks during the first and second trimesters. As you reach the 28-week mark, we'll meet every 2 weeks, ensuring we stay closely connected. When you hit the home stretch at 36 weeks, we'll meet weekly to check on both you and baby.

During each prenatal appointment, we will spend about an hour together. Whether it's in the comfort of your own home or my downtown Eugene office, I'll be there to check your vitals, carefully listen to your baby's heartbeat using a fetoscope or doppler, and address any concerns you may have. If lab work is needed, I can conveniently draw your labs either at your place or my office. As for ultrasounds, they'll be ordered and done at Maternal Fetal Medicine in Springfield. I actively encourage older children and other family members to join in on appointments. Their involvement is invaluable, and I'm here to ensure everyone feels engaged and supported throughout this special time.



I provide personalized midwifery care in the comfort of your own home. When you think you're in active labor, I'll come over with all my equipment and set everything up. I even bring a tub and tub liner for a water birth, and it's all included at no extra cost. I attend every birth with a trained assistant. During labor, you arel free to eat, walk, rest, hydrate, or do whatever makes you comfortable, whether it's dancing, napping or watching TV.

Throughout the process, I'll closely monitor both you and your baby, checking vital signs and intermittently listening to the baby's heartbeat. I routinely provide delayed cord clamping (I cut the cord after the birth of the placenta). After the birth, I'll conduct a thorough examination of your baby.  I will weigh and measure, and do a complete head-to-toe exam to ensure your baby is assembled properly. Once everyone is stable and ready for a well-deserved nap, usually around 3-4 hours postpartum, I'll tuck you into bed, clean my equipment, and head home. The next day, I'll return for routine postpartum care to ensure your recovery is going smoothly.

Postpartum Care

Midwives truly excel in providing exceptional postpartum care, setting us apart from OBs. During the first week after birth, you can expect to see me three times, and guess what? It's all in the cozy comfort of your own home. At each visit, I'll make sure to check the vital signs of both mom and baby, perform weight checks for the little one, and provide any necessary support for breastfeeding. If any breastfeeding complications arise that need extra expertise, I'll gladly refer you to the incredible lactation consultants in our community.

I'll see you on day 1, day 3, and day 7 right at your home. At 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and 6 weeks, at my office.  If a pap smear is required, we can take care of that at the 6-week postpartum visit.

I'll be here every step of the way to ensure your postpartum journey is smooth, comfortable, and well-supported.



I accept Medicaid (OHP), with no out-of-pocket costs to the patient. There are specific guidelines and rules that must be followed for homebirth coverage though, which can be discussed in detail if you have questions.

For folks with private insurance or without insurance, my total global fee is $5,000. If you have private insurance, I offer insurance reimbursement.


Here's how it works: By 36 weeks, your payment is required to be paid in full before I go on call for your birth. I am happy to work out payment plans.


At the beginning of care, we'll submit verification of benefits to my excellent third-party biller. They will provide you with an estimate of what your insurance will cover. Once your baby is born, we'll submit a claim to your insurance provider. My biller retains a small fee, and the remaining reimbursement check is directly returned to you.

Covered services include:

- Prenatal care, birth services, postpartum care

- Use of a birth tub along with all necessary equipment (tarp, liner, hoses)

- Newborn metabolic screening kit.

- Birth kit containing essential disposable supplies for birth (chux pads, gloves, cord clamps, tub liner, sitz bath herbs, peri bottle, postpatum pads, etc)

* Please note that lab work is typically covered by insurance. However, if it isn't, the lab will send a bill directly to the patient. Additionally, ultrasounds and fees associated with consultations or appointments at other provider offices are not covered.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to help you navigate the financial aspects of your care and ensure transparency throughout the process.

Routine Procedures

I provide a range of routine newborn procedures that align with standard hospital practices. These include Vitamin K, newborn metabolic screening, Critical Congenital Heart Defect Screening (CCHD), and erythromycin eye ointment. I offer GBS testing, and antibiotic treatment if desired.


Additionally, I offer routine lab work, STI testing, and regularly check Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Ferritin, Thyroid, and iron levels. If Rhogam administration is necessary, I can provide that as well.

I prioritize the health and well-being of you and your newborn and strive to deliver comprehensive care that aligns with established medical standards, while also offering informed consent. YOU are in charge, and have the final say on which procedures you do/don't want for you or your baby!


If you have any specific concerns or questions about these procedures, please feel free to discuss them with me.

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"What if there's an emergency?"""s

I completely understand that the question of what happens in case of complications is a valid concern for many parents. Ensuring the safety of your baby and yourself is always a top priority. Extensive research supports the safety of out-of-hospital births with trained and licensed professionals, but emergencies can still occur. That's where my expertise comes into play.

As a licensed midwife in Oregon, I'm equipped with life-saving medications for emergencies, such as medications to address hemorrhages. I carry essentials like pitocin, Misoprostol, Methergine, and TXA, along with other supplies like IV fluids, oxygen, antibiotics, suturing materials, and equipment for newborn resuscitation if needed.

I renew my Neonatal Resuscitation Program certification and CPR training every other year, as required by my license. Additionally, I proactively take a breech training every other year to ensure I'm well-prepared for planned or unplanned vaginal breech births.

With thorough training and experience, I'm well-equipped to handle various birth emergencies, including managing shoulder dystocia, hemorrhage, and helping babies breathe. During labor, I closely monitor both the parent and baby, keeping an eye out for any signs that may indicate something isn't quite right. If a situation arises that goes beyond the scope of home midwifery practice, I will facilitate a smooth transfer to a hospital where a higher level of care can be provided if necessary.

In the event of a necessary transport during labor, I'll accompany you in an ambulance to the hospital, remain by your side throughout the delivery, and continue to offer postpartum care upon your return home. My goal is to ensure a safe and supportive experience for you throughout your entire birthing journey.

Your safety and the well-being of your baby are always my highest priority, and I'm here to address any concerns or questions you may have along the way.


"I came to Lydia after a traumatic birth with my firstborn. She was understanding, compassionate and so knowledgeable about all things birth related!

The care I received from day one made me feel supported and empowered in my decisions. She reminded me that its my body and birth and I’m in charge. Appointments didn’t feel rushed and she took the time to explain and answer any questions my partner and I had.

You’re very much a part of your own birth process with Lydia. Prenatal care, birth and postpartum… The care I received was truly redeeming. This experience has been healing for me in so many ways. I can't recommend Lydia enough. Such a great human!"

- Katie

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